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Working with a local builder I am delighted to say the cabin rebuild is well on the way, with most of the planning of work sorted we are just awaiting planning consent.

Do we have an architect amongst you to help with a suggested interior layout? If so please contact me by email

Also volunteers would be marvellous!

Here's some more of the recent feedback.

I recently spent six days at Danaloka as part of my study leave as an Anglican Priest, I found it a wonderful creative and reflective experience, not without challenges, but overall extremely positive.
To begin with you have to be comfortable with your own space, and be someone who enjoys solitude and tranquillity. When Peter left me after picking me up from Stratford station I was told it was my space for the week. I quickly began to make the Cabin my own, and bought into the notion of a “shared resource.” As well as lots of relaxation, reading, long walks, and saying the daily office (the rhythm of prayer for the Anglican Church) there were plenty of little jobs to do around the cabin to help keep it in good order. Sweeping leaves, clearing gutters, fetching wood for the wood burner, all these little jobs became small acts of grace that would benefit the next guest.
I was at the cabin in January, so it could get a bit chilly in the evenings. I found it essential to bring enough wood into the cabin to keep myself comfortable and warm. Making tea in the morning and gazing out into the forest was a real experience. The forest itself is home to at least two wild herds of deer, plus numerous other wildlife.
I found Danaloka a positive experience. Some people who like their domestic comforts may find the outside loo and bowl baths at the sink a little bit primitive for them but these were small minuses among many positives (and soon the new bathroom and central heating will change all that! Peter).
If you’re considering going book it! If you have never been in a cabin on the edge of 200 acres of protected Forrest you wont find a better place.


'What can i say? like a week spent in a ryokan poem. the simple and beautiful life in a cabin by the woods, delightfully alone, within an hour's travel from london - it really does feel like a world away. It was my first solitary retreat, and i loved it. Waking up on my first morning to make coffee and watch a whole herd of deer in the garden, who kept me company in the woods all week. The birds. cooking and eating simple tasty food, and gazing into the woods at the vivid autumn colours, in the trees and coating the forest floor. something about the positive atmosphere of the cabin, with it's shrine in the centre of the room, did wonders for my meditation practice- but I wish i'd spent more time on the sofa, next to the fire, watching those trees and dreaming...
Practicals: it was a godsend to be taken to the cabin and back via lifts from the charming srivati and peter, as i don't have my own car - and door to door, it was an hour! Once there, i was greeted by a friendly note from the previous guest, who left me chocolate and feta cheese as a gift for my stay. Also they left the cabin clean, tidy and comfortable, which was lovely to 'recieve', and encouraged me to also leave it as i found it for the next guest. i do like the feeling of a shared resource rather than a soulless holiday let... the cabin is far enough away from everything that i didn't see a soul for the five days i was there, but it's close enough to various neighbours that if i'd had an emergency, help is 5 minutes walk away. It's cosy and easy heatable by the gas fire or (my favourite) the wood burning stove, and the full kitchen means everything you need, apart from food and linen, is already there. The only thing i didn't like was having to leave!'

Deer at Danaloka Solitary cabinI am delighted to report that the first stage is done the tool shed has been relocated and foundations are nearly complete...watch this space!


We now have some rough sketches of what the rebuilt cabin might look like! It includes a meditation room with a beautiful view over the woods, bedroom, new bathroom and refurbished kitchen! Sincere thanks to Kevin Gooch for his input!

Since 2002 Danaloka has been a shared resource available for individual retreats and couples or small groups needing to find some space and simplicity. The cabin is warm, comfortable and well equipped, with mains electricity and running hot water! (After 10 years of walking 100 yards to fetch water it still seems like a luxury!)

There is currently a log burner and other heating and with very good windows and insulation it keeps the cabin snug and warm but to get an idea of what it's like to stay there have a look at the Feedback comments by clicking above.

It's hard to believe this place is inside the M25 especially when wild deer wander freely and walk almost past the cabin on a daily basis. 200 acres of protected ancient broadleaf woodland, streams and pasture and having very few people around, have helped to make this a haven for wildlife. Helped by the avoidance of anything remotely likely to cause disturbance as well, of course!

The cabin really is set in a magical spot, 1.6 miles from the main road and at the end of a private and gated track. It's not the Highlands or North Wales but, as a compromise between travel time and seclusion, it's earned a good reputation.




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Special Thanks go to Rev. Paul Prentice for the spring clean and just too much work to list here!


The availability is 100% up to date and revised at more or less 48 hour intervals so, if you are looking to book at shorter notice then please email or give me a call on 0798 3333662.


WANTED: Volunteers for odd jobs. Concessions available!
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