a million miles and 40 minutes

from London

The Cabin

Pictures don't really do the cabin justice but here's one taken coming into the garden from the little bridge over the stream.

Eventually we will put some kind of picture gallery up but in the meantime a few shots scattered around the new site will have to do. I am very happy to email more pictures, interior shots etc. Having been full it doesn't really seem that necessary... tell us what you think!

There is a full double bed in a bedroom section and a single in the main room, with another single if required. It is double glazed and very well insulated plus there is a log burning stove as well as a gas heater. It is newly carpetted and has proper curtains.

The kitchen is well equipped with a full size cooker, fridge, toaster, coffee maker and enough china and cutlery. There is hot and cold running water which is mains fed so obviously safe for drinking etc.

The main thing is that it is a shared resource, not a B+B and so you leave it ready for the next person. This has only once ever been an issue since 2002 and everybody shares chores and keeping it nice.


In winter firewood is collected but the chopping we are happy to do unless you have been trained to use a chain saw! Keeping the garden tidy is helpful too.There is a lot of stuff there so it's probably better to see the Equipment list by clicking the tag above to get an idea of what there. The main item to take is your own linen, duvet cover etc as we don't provide a laundry service.