a million miles and 40 minutes

from London

Terms and Donations

All bookings are made subject to the published Terms unless agreed in writing beforehand and these are suggested but minimum contributions. We strive to maintain Danaloka as a shared resource and accept contributions which more or less cover maintenance costs and a small surplus for improvements. This viability ensures the future of the cabin so please do what you can to support this goal. 100% donations go to Danaloka itself. There are no admin costs, as such, and nobody receives any kind of payment unless we have to get a professional in to do some specialist thing. 4x4 diesel is reimbursed for the transport of visitors but drivers volunteer their time. Payments are therefore donations to the shared resource and are not Rent or Hire fees.

  • Under certain circumstances concessions are available for people with building skills who help improve the cabin.
  • Booking week* is: Friday to Friday, lunchtime swapover, but not inflexible. Prices are for solitary use really but please read the notes before booking. Sometimes we cannot take only weekend bookings in the summer months as this ends up with big gaps.

    Weekend rates

  • Fri to Sun pm £115 2n)
  • Fri to Monday £140 (3n)
  • Weekday Rates

  • 2 nights £90
  • 3 nights £130
  • 4 nights £150
  • 5 nights £180
  • 6 nights £200
  • Weekly Rates

  • 1 week £220
  • 2 weeks £420
  • 3 weeks £600
  • 4 weeks £750
  • Transport

    Stratford or nearby station/cabin £20 each way. Usually lunchtime. Pay driver
  • NOTES:
  • Prices are for solitary use please consider a bit more for couples etc (There is a double and a single bed)
  • Payment is by bank transfer or at a bank .
  • Booking week is usually: Friday to Friday and 13:00hrs is normal handover
  • We offer: Weekends, Mon-Fri, 5 day bookings or whole weeks, if possible. Odd days are awkward but not impossible.
  • Bank Holiday weeks £275. Bank Holiday Long Weekends (4n) £210
  • Booking assumes acceptance of our standard Terms and Conditions (full details available on request)
  • Availability is not guaranteed until payment is received
  • Cancellation fees do apply once dates are booked
  • As the cabin and facilities are a shared resource no liabilty is accepted whatsoever for any loss, however caused by the owners or agents. Any person visiting the cabin does so entirely at their own risk. Transport to and from the cabin is provided by volunteers and similarly no liability is accepted.
  • Money donated for Transport covers the cost of petrol/diesel and running costs at less than the suggested RAC/AA minima.

    CLEANING & CHORES: All bookings are accepted on the basis that the cabin is left ready for the next visitor. We do not have a cleaner. There is a leaving checklist which includes the cabin cleaning, toilet and some other seasonal stuff such as cutting grass, in the summer (power mower) and replacing by collecting any wood used for the log-burner etc. Unlimited logs are not supplied but subject to weather there is usually dry fuel available for the log-burning stove. By arrangement it might be possible to hire a local cleaner but please arrange this when booking and not afterwards. Unless previously specifically agreed we do not have the resources to ‘service’ the cabin between visitors, so please leave Danaloka prepared and ready. Obviously maintenance will need to be carried out periodically and together with regular visitors we will do all we can to keep your work down to a minimum. We do reserve the right to request that our costs be met should a visitors negligence create a problem. Since 2002 this has only happened once because most people are aware that if they leave anything behind for us to attend to we need to drive all the way out to do it! Having said that, obviously we will visit if needs be and go out there regularly but a 40 mile round trip to do something minor is wasteful of time and resources.

    INDEMNITY : Danaloka is a wooden building in a wonderful place but quite inaccessible to Fire Engines and therefore cannot be insured! Therefore all visitors agree to being responsible for the cabin for the duration of their booking. In particular, at no time whatsoever should naked flames or candles be left unattended. Similarly due diligence must be paid to stove-top cooking, especially frying pans. Danaloka is a SHARED RESOURCE and those who visit do so entirely at their own risk. The owners and/or agents thereof cannot be held responsible for any loss whatsoever, regardless of how it is caused. . Transport to and from the cabin is provided by volunteers and similarly no liability is accepted.

    All visitors are responsible for the property for the duration of their booking and any cost of reinstatement following damage.

    CANCELLATIONS: the following amounts are payable:
    Within 1 calendar month 100%. Within 2 months 50%. 2-3 months 30%. However, usually we can re-let and refund wherever possible. (To avoid any misunderstandings over undelivered emails or texts we respectfully mention that sending is not necessarily proof of us receiving a message. So, cancellations are always confirmed by us when notified. I am pleased to say we have only had one dispute since 2002)

    Payment: Because Danaloka is used mainly by like-minded people, non-payment has never been an issue. However, in the event of a dispute the owner reserves the right to charge the commercial rate of £275 per week, or part thereof, which is the equivalent to the peak weeks rate suggested minimum contribution. The reason this higher rate will apply is to allow for the administration of a claim. UK jurisdiction. Any query, which might have been answered before booking or visiting will not be accepted as grounds for refund. In other words, the cabin is priced as a shared resource and every effort will be made to ensure everthing is working and operational but as a shared resource donations are made towards upkeep and NOT AS RENTAL PAYMENT. Therefore refunds cannot be made unless a specific undertaking has not been fulfilled.

    If you are in any doubt about these conditions please raise a query before you book. Any variance must be agreed in writing, by the owners, prior to attendance.